Executive Officers

The Alumni is fortunate to be led by a group of men and women who are very passionate about supporting our Sheriff’s office and our Community; each bringing experience, dedication, and a desire to help.


Meet our Executive Board

Mike Manning - President

Mike Manning – President


Mike is a graduate of the Citizens Academy 2006 class, and has been an alumni member for the past 9 years. After one year of membership, Mike was elected as Vice-President and six months later appointed as President for a two year term. And has been re-elected again for President, for another two year term. One of Mike’s many passions is cooking for many events. We see him and his cooking rig at many of the Alumni events, Sheriff events, Fundraisers, Food banks, feeding the Military at the base, and Texas Wheels of Justice. He recently retired after 20 years of horse and dog rescue. Mike was employed with Momtgomery County for many years prior to retiring in December 2017.


Ray Steinmann - 1st Vice President

Ray Steinmann – 1st Vice President


Ray is a life time member of the Citizens Academy Alumni Association. Ray started on the board as the Sgt. in Arms, moved on to the 2nd Vice-President position, and currently, holds the position of 1’st Vice-President. After working for 49 years, Ray is retired and is active in the community. For the last 5 years, Ray has done security for the Montgomery County fair, and is a lifetime member. He is a member of the Conroe Noon Lion’s club. And serves as a Director for the Texas Access Builds Children, which provides a safe environment for children of divorced parents to visit the other parent in a safe monitored environment.


Charron Cales - Secretary

Charron Cales – Secretary

Charron is a graduate of the Citizens Academy 2010 class, and had been an alumni member for the past 5 years. Immediately, after becoming a member she was elected Secretary and for the next 3 year’s served in that role. After 3 years, Charron turned the Secretary duties over to Debby Toombs. Charron volunteered at the Sheriff’s office 2 days a week in Sex Offenders Compliance Office. Charron was hired 3 years ago and works in the finance office part time. Charron and her family moved from Kansas to Shenandoah and was welcomed by Joel Gordon who ran one Citizens Academy class in Shenandoah and suggested to Charron and her husband that it would be a great way to get to know their neighbors. They went on to attend the Sheriff’s office class taught by Sr. Sgt. Brice Herring, who was Joel Gordon’s successor. Debby Toombs has now passed the torch back to Charron as secretary.

Dana Hopper - Treasurer

Dana Hopper – Treasurer

Dana is a graduate of the Citizens Academy 2006 class. Dana became our treasure in 2008, and in 2010 it became an appointed position by Sheriff Gage.
Dana was appointed treasure for the Texas Wheels of Justice in 2010. Texas Wheels of Justice has a team that participates in the Police Unity Tour, and she is part of the support staff that assists the riders during the one week in May. The PUT starts in New Jersey and rides to Washington DC to the National Law Enforcement Memorial.
Dana is also the CFO of Thermo-probes, Inc. The company has been in exists since 1980, and is family owned and operated for 3 generations.


MCSO Liasion Officer - Deputy Steve Squier

MCSO Liaison Officer – Deputy Steve Squier

Academy Liaison Officer – Deputy Steve Squier
In 2014/ Steve assisted with 2 Citizens Academy classes and started as the coordinator for the 1st Citizens Academy class in 2015. He also serves as the liaison officer for the alumni association. Steve, did street patrol is District one, where he was a Crime Prevention Specialist. He helps with HOA Crime Watch programs, and assists with Neighborhood Watch meetings. He is an Advanced RAD instructor. Partnered with Andrea Wilson from 911 and did the 1st Responders Camp. Steve has been the Crime Stopper coordinator since 2013.



Don - Sgt at Arms

Don – Sgt at Arms


Don is a graduate of the Citizens Academy 2012 class, has been an alumni member for 3 years. After 2 years of being with the alumni, Don has served as our Sgt. in Arms. He has served on the bylaws committee this past year. Don does installations and repairs of automatic gate operators and central vacuum systems. He also owns and manages a working cattle and hay production. Don manages 2 pieces of property. When not in Conroe, he is at his farm.



Rita Crosby - Historian

Rita Crosby – Historian

Rita Crosby – Rita is our Alumni’s oldest member. At 80 years young, Rita is a graduate of the 1997 Citizens Academy class. She became an alumni member in 1999 when the Alumni Association first formed. There were only 20 members at that time. Chaplain Jake was the Alumni instructor and Guy Williams was the Sheriff. Rita has been the Alumni’s historian for 5 years. If you want the history of the Alumni association she’s your gal. Rita sells the pins and patches for the alumni association.