Sheriff Gage Bids Farewell to the Alumni

We were delighted to have Sheriff Gage as our special guest during our November monthly Alumni meeting.  There was no shortage of respect and admiration; he was met by a room full of Alumni Members and a standing ovation. With his usual charm and thoughtfulness; he thanked everyone for the many years of support not only for himself but also for the entire Sheriff’s department while encouraging everyone to continue backing Sheriff Elect Henderson.  He expressed gratitude for the Alumni’s assistance in bringing awareness to the community, helping  injured Deputies and the many facets of which everyone helps in the community, and stated, “It’s people like you that make a difference in this ol’ world”.

The Alumni presented Sheriff Gage with a beautiful ice chest with cards and handwritten notes chock-full of “Thank You”, “Happy Retirement”, and “we’re going to miss you” sentiments.  Sheriff Gage will be greatly missed but as he said, “46 years doing the same job is a long time, but retiring as a Texas Sheriff in Montgomery County was an honor”.


Thank You Sir for dedicating your life to law enforcement, for being our Sheriff for the past 12 years, and it’s been Our Honor to serve you!

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